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Extra Impression Putty
Extra Impression Putty
Extra Impression Putty

Extra Impression Putty

    Order extra impression putty and trays before sending back your original kit if you are concerned about your impressions. 

    • 2 upper & 2 lower trays
    • Impression putty for all trays

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    Step 1

    You will receive your Impression Kit in the post and you complete the impression process from home at a time that suits you. Once you have completed your impressions you send them back to us using the pre-paid shipping label that's included.

    Step 2

    A fully licensed dentist will create a preview of what your straight teeth results will look like. You will have the opportunity to request any changes before we begin making your aligners along with your 100% money back guarantee.

    Step 3

    You will receive your invisible aligners in the post. Simply wear your aligners each day and watch your results happen in just a matter of months.