SmileCare 5 Year
SmileCare 5 Year
SmileCare 5 Year

SmileCare 5 Year

€ 985.00 EUR € 797.00 EUR

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    SmileCare offers you a way to help maintain a perfect smile year in year out at an extremely affordable price. You get everything you need to keep your teeth fresh by ensuring they remain straight and white every 6 months.

    You will also get the ability to get dental advice year in year out remotely from our dental team so if you have any issues we can help identify it early!

    Benefits of each delivery

    • Upper Arch Aftercare Retainer (Worth €120)
    • Lower Arch Aftercare Retainer (Worth €120)
    • Shine Teeth Whitening Top Ups (Worth €150)
    • Electric Tooth Burhs & Heads (Worth €50)
    • Dental Support (Worth €200)

    Pay upfront for 5 years to receive SmileCare every 6 months (Total of 10 Deliveries)

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